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Aerospace and Defense

Shorten time to market, gain insight and take advantage of data-driven decision making with digital technologies that converge the physical and digital worlds.

With over 50 years’ experience, DXC is a trusted IT service provider for the world’s leading private and public sector aerospace and defense organizations.

Our solutions modernize mission-critical systems for these organizations to shorten time to market, gain insight from data and accelerate innovation across digital manufacturing operations and value networks. Working together with our customers and a strong ecosystem of technology partners, we create optimal operations with Industry 4.0 standards. 

6 of the top 10 Fortune 500
Aerospace and Defense companies trust DXC to run, secure and maintain their on-premises IT infrastructure
More than 5 decades
DXC has a long and distinguished history providing aerospace and defense software and services


"If you keep implementing new technology for technology’s sake, you’re going to spend a lot of money and human capital on things that won’t provide value to your business. The companies that will succeed long-term will be the ones that use smart technology — both emerging and proven — to positively impact the bottom line for their business. "

Peter Claus
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer


“We build incredibly complex aircraft with an unwavering focus on precision and quality. Engineering changes are part of cutting-edge Aerospace and our MES must be able to incorporate those in the most optimal manner.”

Jeff Gleeson
Senior Manager of Manufacturing Systems
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics


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Mixed reality opens the door to new ways of working

The manufacturing industry will be one of the leading sectors to adopt mixed reality (MR) technology, blending the physical world with the digital world. Manufacturers are using MR to help teams learn to set up and maintain precision machinery, and streamline maintenance for complex machines on the factory floor. 


Insurance Software & BPS

Reduce costs, ensure business continuity and gain efficiencies by circumventing ongoing maintenance and operational costs. 

Analytics & Engineering

Discover data-driven insights and deploy complex software engineering at scale to accelerate your transformation.


Transform, develop, implement and manage your applications estate across legacy and modern enterprise, industry and cloud-native applications. 


Simplify and build cyber resilience into your factories and operations to be secure to the core and freed up to focus on business. 

Cloud Infrastructure

Operate your IT estate with scale, access valuable data insights and innovate with speed and agility — all while maintaining business continuity and resiliency. 

IT Outsourcing

Scale up or scale down resources based on demand and optimize the workforce with cost-effective, simplified IT outsourcing that optimizes your IT estate.  

Modern Workplace

Create intelligent, digitally connected factories and workplaces leveraging next generation technology to increase productivity, attract and retain employees and drive efficiency — at scale. 

It’s time to confront technical debt

Discover how to tackle technical debt as part of your modernization efforts. 

Explore Reframing Technical Debt 

Read the DXC Leading Edge research report Embracing modernization: from technical debt to growth

Building the road map for Industry 4.0 technology investment

In this white paper, IDC analyzes the swift-changing manufacturing environment that will compel many manufacturers to modernize their business and turn Industry 4.0 initiatives into full-scale deployments, in order to meet the challenge of managing increasing amounts of data from products, operations, and ecosystems.

Drive business results with cloud transformation

Join DXC Technology and Dell Technologies in a series of conversations about running mission-critical systems and operations while modernizing IT. Topics covered include Industry 4.0 and the move by manufacturers to think holistically about making strategic investments in the technology.
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What does it mean to be a digital manufacturer?

Tying together the key components of the aerospace manufacturing value chain creates a digital thread: a smooth, integrated flow of information in a company with its suppliers and customers inside and outside the enterprise.

The future of AI in the aerospace industry

New importance is being placed on building systems that bring autonomous operation to the aviation industry with a roadmap for the safe and ethical dimensions of AI.